Strange magazine

This is a 9 para magazine.

First the way to lock it into the weapon is unusual.
Second, if you take a carefull look close to the top of the magazine, you can see like a pin.
There is a sprig behind this pin and to load the magazine you have to push on the pin.
If not, impossible to enter the ctges !!!

The top of the elevator is not flat like you can see on the second picture.

At the bottom we can see as marking : DS under a crown

For which gun is it ???


It is difficult to tell for sure but the style of the crown looks scandinavian to me. Danish?


This is a magazine for the Model 1912 Brixia amde by Societ

Thanks John !

  1. Why the pin at the top of the magazine ?
  2. Is it scarce ? And if yes, what is the value ?

It has been years since I had this pistol. I sold my auto pistol collection about 1972. I don’t recall what the projection at the back top of the magazine is for. If I saw a good photo (like the ones already posted - excellent!) of the back of the magazine, it might help me to remember. If it is part of the follower and sliding in a groove on the back of the magazine, it probably operates a hold-open device. I don’t really recall if the Brixia had such a device or not. In a lot of Italian pistols, it is simply the square back of the follower that holds the bolt or slide open on the last shot, with the slide going forward when the magazine is removed. If the projection is part of the back of the magazine body, then I don’t have any idea what it is for.

This is a rare magazine for a very scarce pistol. I have no idea what the value is, but probably in excess of the value of some new inexpensive handguns. Certainly US$100.00 or more. I am not into values, either for gun items or cartridges, as they simply are not a consideration to me in my collecting. I buy what I can afford or what seems to be fairly priced, and I don’t collect based on potential value at all, but rather just for my own enjoyment and knowledge. That leaves me a poor person to rely on for values. As a retired professional dealer, the knowledge of pricing I had then is now about seven years old - an eternity in pricing collectible gun items, judging by the almost insane prices I see in advertisements.

Thanks John.

John…you never cease to amaze me (maybe that’s easy)…but I have to throw out one “wow”

Thanks Pepper, but don’t be amazed by my knowledge. I am always amazed by my lack of knowledge. It just, as I have said before, goes back to having a good library and being able to read. My library is just a little more diverse than that of most cartridge collectors (not all, certainly!) because for 36 years of my life it was a professional library. Part of the success of the store I worked at was having people that first and foremost had some background knowledge of our merchandise, secondly were not afraid to look a customer in the eye and say “I don’t know,” rather than feed him a line of BS, and finally, knowing where to find the man (or woman) an answer to their question and following up to insure their questions got answered. That policy has served me in good stead in my hobby as well. Most of the people on this Forum, I dare say, know a heck of a lot more about ammo, and in some cases the weapons that used it, than I do!

It is a good Forum, isn’t it!? I learn from it every day!