Strange mark on cartridge


I have a 45/70 cartridge with 500 grain bullet and black powder. It is made by U.S.Cartridge Co.
It has a domed copper primer with a "dollar sign"pressed into it.It is the first time that I have seen anything like this.
Is this marking common?
I would also like to know the time rame that this cartridge was made in.


The primer sign is actually the letters “U.S.” in an intertwined trademark-style of pattern. It is very common on U.S.C.Co. primers of a certain era and appears on many, many calibers. I have it on just about every auto pistol caliber U.S.C.Co. made. Sometimes a weak strike or slightly tilted cup will be missing elements of the design. It sounds like yours might be missing the curved portion of the bottom of the letter “U”.


In many cases, primers were marked with ‘U’, ‘W’, ‘P’, ‘US’, etc. to indicate an improved priming compound for smokeless and/or Lesmok loads.


My records indicate the U over S on the primer was used to represent the smokless powder load. It was also used when USCCo was loading ammunition for Savage Arms. Vic


There are 29 cartridges in this goup. All have black powder and small diameter domed primers with the U and S on top of each other.This, to me,looks like a dollar sign.
I get the feeling that these marked primers are on later manufactured cartridges.Did USCO continue making black powder cartridges into the 1930’s?


My source of information comes from a few catalogs that I have. The copy of 1908 Does not show any stamp on the primer ,but the 1914 catalog that I have shows US on the primers of Black or Lesmok powder for pistols and rifles. For the smokeless the U over S primer stamp appears for both military and commercial pistol and rifle rounds. It would be nice to see a newer catalog close to the 30’s before they got sold. Vic


Thanks;that’s all that i need to know.