Strange mark

On the top of a german industrial shotshell there is a carton cork and on it it is written :

Is 46 the year ??


The shell is in aluminium and looks like a 4 gauge but with a total length of 41 mm.

I wonder if it is not an ejectable seat ctge for german planes during the war
(only pb is 46 for the date)


I am not certain, but could your cartridge be a flare cartridge? I think the most common type of “4 bore” aluminum cartridge would be a military flare.
Since they are relatively low pressure, and would need to be somewhat proof against weather, an aluminum flare immediately comes to mind when a 4 bore cartridge of that basic description is seen.

Hi !
41 mm is a little bite too short for a flare, don’t you think?


Since "dnf" was a WWII German code, 1946 would be too late for it to be used to indicate manufacturing date.  I believe that the 8-46 date indicates the expiration date of the round, as pyrotechnic items, such as flare cartridges, and cartridge actuated device (CAD) items, such ejection cartridges, have an expiration date assigned and it is usually marked on the item.


Right Jim !!

I’m stupid ,I didn’t think to the expiration date.
And now all is fitting because these ctges were received in 1945.

A German guy wrotte me and confirmed me there were for the ejectable seat of the Focke - Wulf 190.

The name of the ctge is : DruckPatrone 50/144

It has been producted by two compagnies :

  • Dynamit AG using a cork with nothing on it.

  • dnf using a cork with the manufacturer name (dnf) and the name of the ctge (DP 50/144)

the first one the second one was using a cork with the manufacturer name (dnf) and the name of the ctge (DP 50/144)


The Focke Wulf didn’t have an ejector seat, but I think that it did have provision to jettison the cockpit canopy in an emergency by an explosive charge. Perhaps this is the charge. JG

the exact sentence from the german colector is :
Das ist eine Druckpatrone zum Absprengen von Flugzeug- Kabinend