Strange mystery cartridge cases

Newbie here,

Can anyone identify the cartridge cases that I’ve posted below? I got these in a box of old gun parts from an estate sale. they were in a small box on which is written “Charrion”. Machined from brass, measue just over 63mm long by 12.7mm O.D. by 11.5mm I.D. They have small primers, one “W” which I assume is Winchester, the other “U” I assume for UMC. There are no other markings. Wondering what these might fit or be used for. Appreciate your thoughts and input

Could be Safety Fuze Igniters for remote switches (“Murray Switch”) for
Military or even Civilian Demolition Purposes
"Military Murray Switches" used a Primed .303 case with its neck slit to crimp over normal Military Safety Fuse or Det-Cord.

Murray Switches were often used in Wired Booby traps.

Any other suggestions?

Doc AV

Rich, those are modern brass cases for the 11 mm Chassepot.

Would you say these were professionaly manufactured or home made? How are they ejected? I understood the Chassepot used a combustible cartridge which was not ejected.


I would have said they were remote detonated primers for blasting. But who am I to say? i know nothing.