Strange nippled primer on Dutch 9x19 round

There is an AI ball round in my collection with a strange green primer with a nipple. The best I can measure this primer is 0.16" dia instead of the normal 0.19", but this may just be my measuring error.


Does anyone have an idea what this strange primer is???


the primer is not mounted “al reverse” ?
look like a berdan primer inserted in wrong sens ,but with much force to completely insert this in his placement

I had not considered this but I guess it is possible! Maybe my “rare & exotic” item turns out to be another manufacturing error!

Do the Dutch make manufacturing errors??? Maybe that is why it is “rare & exotic”.


i don’t know if ai casing is berdan or boxer primer ?
or maybe berdan but function with boxer primer (no nipple in case primer hole)

It is Berdan primed, as you suspected in your original post.