Strange RWS bullet

I have an RWS made 7x57R round with a bullet that looks like this:

The light coloured part at the bottom is the case mouth. The bullet is GM jacketed soft point, with an exposed lead tip.

What is the purpose of this bullet design, and what is it called?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Is it really so fat and short?

Actually there is a bullet with conical point,small portion of exposed lead and a deep cannelure.This cannelure,however,is quite different than the one pictured in your post.This bullet is the KS ( kegel spitze = conical point)

This one is quite similar to the DK ( dopple kern=double core) bullet.The latter has 2 deep cannelure.You should pull the bullet and see the entire projectile

Yes, it really does look like that

This is the kegel spitze.If your bullet looks like your drawing,it is an unknown type to me,maybe Brad Dixon will be more helpful than me

Thanks for the photo, it definitely isn’t that.

PS do you use MSN messenger at all? You seem young enough to know what it is.

I sometimes use ICQ

I am not familiar with that one, I have heard of it, but I don’t think it is common in the UK.

Here is a photo of the bullet in my round:

It is 6,7 gramm (104 grain) Teilmantel S bullet (softpoint spitzer with sharp rim). It was loaded in 7x57,7x64 and 7x65R for hunting small roedeer. This load was common after WWII. The so called Starkmantel bullet was of similar shape. After about 1970 it disappeared due too small market volume and insufficient effectivity on larger game.

Very interesting…it is very light for a 7 mm cartridge

Thanks for this info, this is exactly what I was looking for. What is the purpose of the deep radius-bottomed cannelure on the bullet?

It is made to keep the core in the jacket while nose expands, something like Hornady’s Interlock

Thanks, that makes sense.