"Strange" SB (7.92) headstamp

HI !

Sorry…but I’m still not sure about a SB (Sellier-Bellot) (7.92 cartridge case…) headstamp :

  • 12 o’clock : SB (not S&B !)
  • 3 o’clock : 35
  • 6 o’clock : VI
  • 9 o’clock : 19
    (…no other letter or any other ‘sign’ !)

I know… 1935…ok BUT…

  • “VI” = june ?
  • SB = Sellier-Bellot : Prague/Vlasim/Schönebeck…??

Thank you .

rojon - this is a common headstamp style in 7.9 x 57 from the Czech factories in the 1930s, etc. You actually answered your own question. Your assumptions about the meaning of “SB” and “VI” are correct.

John Moss

Indeed…BUT…it was about the “style” of the “logo” from 12 o’clock…I saw, for example, S & B .
So, in ‘my case’ ( SB )…which plant we talk about: Prague, Vlasim or Schönebeck ??

Almost the same question about the ammo stripper clips marked with that specific Sellier-Bellot logo (“interlaced” S and B)… Prague/Vlasim/Schönebeck…?

Rojon - I can’t speak for stripper clips. I used to collect 7.9 clips as a sideline, but never studied them.

Regarding the use of “SB” rather than “S&B” I am not sure whether or not the two different styles represented, or indeed, represent today, different factories. All of the 7.9 x 57 military headstamps from the 1930s and even the steel-case rounds made on contract for Sweden and perhaps other entities used simply “SB”. I can say that on these 7.9s, they are definitely Czech and not from the German factory at Schönebeck, but frankly, the various Czech factory names have always been a bit of a confusion to me as to identifying “who made what” and I am unable to provide an accurate answer to your question. I evidently misunderstood the information you were seeking in your first question…

John Moss