Strange Schönebeck shotguncartridges

Is there anyone here on this forum, who can gives me any information about these shotguncartridges from Schönebeck.

Thanks and stay safe everyone.

Hi Gerald,
Very interesting box and cartridges.
Are they really sxhonebeck??
Both the box and the cases have great similarities with Eley Grand Prix box and cases.
I once saw this case in a collection of a collector from Lebanon.

Sorry no help further, but thanks for showing.

Regards rené

The headstamp is Schönebeck and the box shows its black logo (upward arrow from circle) above the word “Nimrod”. This looks very much like East German production in my opinion.

Edit: It looks as if the primers carry some text. Can you show it?

René and JPeelen, thanks for your answers.
No doubt, the cartridges are for sure from Schönebeck. I will send some pictures of the box, with the stamp 201 in it and a picture of another Schönebeck box, with the same stamp.
But, the reason why they made it and for who. It’s a very rare cartridge and box.

Best regards Gerald.

My proof it is a Schönebeck product is the 201 below the triangle.


Howdy Gerald
That is one really great box. Love the way they also mimicked the EBL shield logo. & Velox powder used too, just amazing box & shells.

I can only wonder it there was a law suit over the box, logo & the Grand Prix brand name, as to why it’s so scarce

@Hans and Pete, thanks both for your reply’s.
This box is not mine, it’s from a collector in Lebanon and he asked me about some information. He told me, that as he knows, there are 2 collectors in Lebanon who have a cartridge also (So, René you where right). They all have no idea about anything of these box an cartridges. So…I am still happy with any information.
Regards Gerald.