Strange shell

The base is covered in some kind of glue, it comes off easily. A general guess at the show was that it was an unfinished draw stage of something like 20mm Oerlikon. But I never saw ridges like these on a rim of a draw stage.

A view of cleaned up headstamp. Much better.

Punt gun or flare cartridge???

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I’ve got a .38 special with ridges like that at the mouth of a case in the middle of trimming, I wonder if this case was aiming the wrong way when it went into the trimmer?

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Certainly has the appearance of that.

Hi Vlad,
I have something that looks close to your top picture. I got it 30 years ago, and I was told there was a silk parachute inside. (Could be bugs by now…)
It is 4.479 long.
.972 at the base.
.965 below the tape.
It feels light for the size, but it’s magnetic also. I thought maybe the rim didn’t get removed on your item… Do the measurements compare at all? Thanks, Dan


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on SKVLAD item you can see the berdan flash holes
it would be a sort of casing ,unfinished ?

on DAN item it more be a parachute flare or illuminating flare internal casing (the thing proppeled in air) ,the hole is for the pyrotecnic delay

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Mine is non magnetic. It is about 110mm long, 26mm rim diametre, 25mm at the mouth.

 Vlad, Mine is 113.76mm long, 24.7mm at base, 24.5 about at mouth. 

The one centered hole primer pocket is 8.36mm deep. (.331). Way different! Thanks!

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