Strange unmarked 8x50R Mannlicher


Hi guys,

Recently a number of these strange 8x50R Mannlicher rounds surfaced. Strange is the fact that the jacket is made from bronze/brass rather than the conventional steel clad, and the fact that it got no markings. Also, notice the primer and primer well are also different. These come from a September-November 1916 battlefield area so no Italian postwar mumbo jumbo.
Any info is welcome.


I’m not sure this helps, but the only unheadstamped 8x50R I have has a CN bullet and brass primer, and was identified to me as Russian, for use in captured Austrian rifles. I’m not sure that is correct, but it is the only info I have.


Jon, your info is correct.
Irod, when you pull the proj. you should find normal Berdan flash holes. Not the Austrian system with the split anvil.