Strom Trickel Tracer?

Just fount a couple tracers labeled "USA Strom Trickel tracer, and can not find anything in a search.

Both are .307 (7.62)

A red tipped one is 1.1147 in (29.17 mm)
A green tipped one 1.277 (32.43 mm)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

That was “Strommen Trickel”, by Neal Trickel of Monroe, Wisconsin. Circa 1980’s / early 90’s as far as I know. Did tracers, incendiary, flash bang pistol & rifle loads.

Being a confirmed “color tip” collector (nut); I was smitten with Trickel and chased them until they dried up at shows years ago.

I have 50 +/- variations (headstamp…means nothing and color tones) in calibers; .22LR; .380; 9 m/m; 38 SPL; 357 Mag; 45 ACP; 5.56; 7.62 x 39; .308 & 30-06.

One color that stands out is a flat gold.

The .22 LR is interesting in red, blue, orange, yelllow, white & aforementioned gold with 99% of the color in a slightly recessed tip depression.

As Matt states, they aren’t exclusively tracers. Many have notes on them as "spotters’. One I have from the late Gene Scranton (as he was de-accumulating) is a .45 (his Sharpie note = explosive picrate-nitrate 207 gr). Also several with the late Otto Witt’s labels.