Stuart Miller cartridge photos

Following the lead of bdgreen and his post of Frank Wheeler photos I thought I would post so photos I have that came from Stuart Miller. Photo and back of photo.

Next Colt foil

next photo 4.25mm Lilliput, 5mm Bergmann, 5.5mm Clement, 7mm Nambu, 8mm Nambu

back of photo
next photo 50 Smith carbine

back of photo

next photo .60 Prussian needle gun

back of photo

next photo 58 inside primed, 50-70 Martin primed

back of photo

next photo 44 Sharps paper

back of photo

Next photo Maynards

next photo 45-70 Government Morse patent

next photo
Next photo

Next photo 5mm Bergmann #2, 15mm center fire revolver, 12mm pin fire

back of photo
Next photo 11 French Chassepot needle gun, 69 buck & ball

back of photo

next photo 45 Auto M-1906, 45 Revolver M-1906

Next photo 45 Auto M-1906

back of photo

Hope you find these of a little interest. I will post more later.
edited several times to add information.


50-70 Government buck & ball
back of photo

32-70 U.S.N.
U.M.C.Co. No 2, WRACo 1 inch gatling 50-70 Government experimental priming 32-35 Maynard box United States Cartridge Co. board Eley board
Maynards 10 ga Allen Patent Primer ? ![0077|690x475]

back of photo

54 Hunt Rocket Ball
back of photo
Home made cartridge board

13mm German anti-tank rifle
back of photo

54 Burnside coiled case
back of photo

32-70 US Navy
50 Gallager, 58 Morse, 54 Burnside, 50 Maynard, 50 Crispin
50 Smith Rubber
back of photo

edited many times to add information




One suggestion for each photo write a sentence describing exactly what is in the photo. That way anyone in the future using the forum search function that might involve an item in a photo, the search will show a link to that photo.

Thanks for the photos.


please I need to know what that paper cartridge is right at the top of the pics just
above the coiled burnside cal and make please.I think I have the same however
I have i down as an 442 monky tail by Westly Richard,I have heavy doubt that
this is correct

I am sorry, I don’t see a paper cartridge just above the coiled Burnside. Do you mean the .44 Sharps? The only information I have on the pictured cartridges is what I show written on the back of the photos. And some of the photos have nothing written on them. I own none of these cartridges. I just have these photos.

The paper cartridges are labeled correctly. The only one not labeled is this one & it is a 577 Whitworth

The photo with the guy holding the German 13.2 anti-tank rifle looks to be from Frank Hackley.

Neat bunch of stuff, thanks Zac

The cartridge in question,is directly below the hand written label H.HANSEN NEWARK IOWA
In my humble opinion only people that started collecting in the 1930-40 are able to pass on
collections of that stature.To bad you do not owe them.This is my idea of cartridge collecting.

I do not know what caliber it is. I believe it is a Foil cartridge for a Colt revolver. I also think the foil cartridge came wrapped in a paper wrapper. I believe the upper cartridge is a complete round still inside the paper wrapper. The middle item is the paper wrapper from the cartridge at the bottom of the photo.

The “7.65mm Mauser plastic” dummy in the Datig photo is actually a 7.9 m/m dummy. Jack

After looking I agree with you.

The lot No.10 is not 9 mm K (Kurz) with undercut rim, but this is 9 mm Nickel round, with typical stab. crimps. The lot No.1 looks like some 7,5 mm French Canne gun round, but who knows…

Here are a few more pictures.
Auto pistol cartridges

Savage package

Navy pistol package

Army pistol package


more 45-70s, “1776 - 1876”, “U.S.CARBINE”, experimental crimp?

45-70 Government Morse patent

Morse rifle set

Maynard cord extractor, flop ear

UMC 2 bore


back of photo


I will post more packets later.


Here are some boxes and packets.
6.6x58-1/2 S&S
7.5mm Swiss Nagant

7.65mm Mannlicher

7.65mm Borchardt

8x50R Lebel

Kynoch 9mm Luger Tracer

9mm Luger

Winchester 9mm Luger
Swedish 9mm Revolver

11mm Mauser

12mm Pin fire

22-15 Stevens

28 Cup fire

back of photo

30 Long Rim fire

30-06 Blanks

back of photo

31 Colt packets
0426 0436 0460 0461
32-44 S&W

36 Colt packets




40-85 Ballard

40-90 Ballard

44 Ballard

44 Colt packets


44 Evans

44 Lip fire

44 S&W

44 Teatfire

Back of photo

45-78 Wolcott

56 Merrill, 50 Gallager, 50 Smith


Is there anymore information on what is shown here?

No. 3 and 4 are called .32 S&W but 3 appears too short and both look to be rimless. Could they be cases for 7.65mm Frommer and .32ACP made by a reloader from .32 S&W short or long cases?

No. 5 and 6 are called .38 S&W but are both rimless. 6 also appears to be too long to be based on a .38 S&W short case. They also appear to be improvised cases for other calibres.

I would also be interested if there is any more information about the .28 Browning shown in the previous photo.

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Sorry, I don’t have any more then what you see here. I tried to find the photo just in case there was more info on the back but I cannot even find the book it is in.
Wish I could give you an answer.

Zac, great pictures, thank you very much. He used these pictures for magazine articles, like the “Cartridge corner” in Shooting Times, Guns, &c.

The Miller Brothers were dealers in collector’s cartridges between the 40’s and early 70’s.



No. 3-4 are Browning protoypes that preceded the 7.65 mm Browning (c. 1896-99).

No. 6.7 are Browning protoypes that preceded the .38 Auto, the latter having the same dimensions as the final model (1896-98).

Another treasure trove, for me that 45 ACP clip is a wonderful thing to see.

Thank you very much !