Stuck Labels

Was an article a while back about removing stuck on labels, tape etc.
Any ideas on this one; the two packets are “stuck” together very unfortunately by the label of the second packet. Now I do not want to damage that label (of course, I want to keep it) so the quandary is how to get them apart without tearing the label. Both would seem to be full of the contents which I also want to preserve.

So it is the Troisdorf label that is stuck above and below!

Heat slowly and carefully with hair dryer.

Use tweezers to remove when warm.

I can’t say I’d want to be heating primers with a hair dryer hot enough make the adhesive less sticky.
I know your not in the USA but the 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover #08984 would work a treat for this

Yeah, I didn’t fancy that either Pete, so am looking for another method. I have detached the label from the bottom packet so far, but out after the geese in the morning so just put it on hold for now.

Will rethink what next when I get home tomorrow.

Sorry, thought you were dealing with an empty box.