Stupid question


Im sorry to waste your guy’s time, but i can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach a picture. I want to show you guys something so you can help me ID a cartridge, but i can’t! If anyone has a moment to let me know, i’d really appreciate it. btw…i’ve found the little “Img” icon, but i don’t know what to do from there.


To post a picture, you need to copy & paste the link of that photo as it appears online into a forum message here. You can do it 2 ways: 1st, if it exists online on some website, you can right click on the photo and select “copy image location” and then navigate here to a forum message you want to post and simply right click again in the new message and select “paste”. You will see a link appear which is what you copied earlier. Now highlight the link by holding down the left mouse button and dragging over the link to highlight it blue. Now that the link is highlighted blue you can click on the IMG icon, and this will bracket the link in IMG on both sides. The 2nd way to post a photo, and the most typical is when the photo is not already online and it is an original photo that you took yourself. You will still need to post the photo online to generate a link that you can copy & paste into a forum message here. You cannot upload a photo directly to the forum, and so you must upload the photo to a free image-hosting site like At photobucket you can create a free account and then follow the easy steps to upload a photo. Once the photo is uploaded you can copy the direct link by clicking on the photo, or right clicking or whatever and selecting the correct option to copy its direct link. Now you can follow the same steps from above to paste it into your new forum message. After creating a forum message with a photo it is a good idea to click the preview button to see how the message and photo will appear, and if it looks ok, then o ahead and click submit.


I download all my pics shown here to Photobucket. Place(don’t click) the arrow cursor over the pic and select the last option that pops up(I forget the “name” of it, but it’s the last one). Left click to highlight then right click and select COPY.
I have both sites (IAA and Photobucket) active. Go to your IAA posting in progress. Place the flashing cursor in the text box wherever you want the pic to be, right click and select PASTE. Finish your writing, preview , then let 'er bump.


SlickRicks instructions are pretty good and will work fine, but the process can be simplified some by using CTRL-C after you highlight the LAST (IMG) choice in the photobucket drop-down menu for the copy operation and CTRL-V for the pasting operation.


ah, so it’s not a simple “attach a photo” deal. Alright, that’s fine though. I’ll get some pictures on here soon hopefully and possibly get some answers. Thanks a lot for your help, I know this isn’t what you got on here to discuss, but i really appreciate it. have a good one.


The instructions above are what is required on most forums, only a very few allow “direct upload” of photo’s.
Don’t feel bad, it’s something we all went through / had to learn.


don’t ever fret about questions…the “stupid ones”…are those not asked !

now “ignorant” comes easy to me…and that is where this forum shines brightest…changing ignorant to enlightened !

hope you master the steps…once done…you’ll get a routine down

(I still build my responses in Word…and cut & paste the whole mess to the Forum)(I need the spell check…so I don’t look too stupid !

welcome aboard

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Speaking of Spel-cheking posts… I’m not sure if it’s just my browser that allows me to do this, but when I type any messages into a new forum post, it underlines any perceived misspellings with a red line. Like the word “spel” and “cheking” above are underlined as I see them right now before I submit the message. I can then just right click on those words and select the appropriately spelled word in its place which appears in a drop-down list, or just retype it myself if it’s obvious. It’s correction offerings for “spel” are: spiel, spell, Opel, spec, and sped. I use Firefox for a browser.