Subsonic .300 blackout

Does there exist a subsonic .300 blackout?

Of course! The whole purpose of the .300 Blackout is to be easily used subsonic. That’s the idea with the cartridge ;-)
There are MANY commercial variants thereof.


Very nice, Ole! Especially the S&B link.

My favourite is the RUAG Swiss P Final (to the right).

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Nice cartridge but too expensive for just training, I suppose? Anyway, thanks for the in-sight, Alex.

No training here but the best possible use: eliminating hostage takers without endangering hostages near by. Hence the designatin “final”.
100% energy emission, no over-penetration and leaving only burger meat in the impact area.
Applied to the Hypothalamus of the protagonist of a hostage situ the effect is guaranteed.

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There are many .300 Blackout Subsonic I have had good luck with S&B 200 or 220 grain.
Price right brass case. Still waiting on my suppressor to see how well ar-15 pistol fairs on sound.