"Sudden Death" .410 frangible

Here’s an interesting one; “Sudden Death” .410 frangible buck loads from Lake Erie ammo out of Sandusky, OH. Lake Erie Ammo was an 06 FFL, but no longer exists as far as I can tell. Their old phone number of (419) 626-3034 crosses to a place more recently known as “Gun Works Custom” in Sandusky. That place has a website which is recently expired, so who knows. The shells are loaded with 4 frangible 00 buck pellets, and I keep tabs on these sorts of loads because they fall loosely into the genre of pistol-cal multiball as these are mostly intended for use with Taurus Judge, S&W Governor, and .45/.410 Derringers:

gunshowgoods.com/zencart/index.p … x&cPath=26


Steve - I didn’t see anything about the Sudden Death frangible .410 in those links. Were you suggesting that “Gunshowgoods” is related, or is a reincarnation of Gun Works Custom?

I’ve known of Gunshowgoods.com and that they have items that are from Paraklese Technologies, with the same exact descriptions. That sends up a couple red flags for me as I suspect some link between Paraklese, and a defunct website called Realmanammo.com (which closed immediately after I emailed them a question about their relation to Paraklese), and now this Gunshowgoods website. Gunshowgoods responded to my emails and said that they are just a dealer for Paraklese, but Paraklese is out of business so I was puzzled by that. Paraklese were the ones who took a lot of people’s money and never sent product last year and the year before (documented all over the web). http://www.gunbroker.com/auction/ViewUserFeedback.aspx?User=1041828


No I just posted it because you said “I keep tabs on these sorts of loads because they fall loosely into the genre of pistol-cal multiball” I just though you may have been interested, providing you had not seen it already.