Suede Mitrailleuse

I wanted to share a correct identification for the cartridges described in Hoyem’s Vol. 2 p. 230 as “10.7x57R(.420in) Krag Petersson (?), 1876” (CFR 215).

These were made by Gévelot in 1872 for a test carried in France of a Swedish Palmcrantz 10-barrel machine gun in .42 Russian Berdan caliber. For this reason these were labeled in the Gévelot display board mentioned by Hoyem as “SUEDE Mitrailleuse”.

There is also an unheadstamped variation of this cartridge having a shorter case (57.3 mm instead of 58.2) made of a high copper content brass.


From what book (name and date of book) did the plate picture come from?



Hi Brian, I found this in one of the volumes of “Revue de l’Artillerie” published in 1874. Regards, Fede.