Suggestion for future SLICS


In the past a number of cartridges with IAA engravings were available at SLICS as a commemorative thingy. I like them and actually trying to get as many years as possible. But they are expensive to make, that’s why none were available recently. But here is something my son got from Gary (thanks), it is inexpensive enough for an individual collector to order. Maybe it will be a cheaper substitution available at next SLICS?


They have used items other than cartridges also but somewhere around here I have a 12ga brass shotshell case which has the show and date on the top wad, early Chicago.

I believe my friend Jim Young had one of these at the show. This one came from him.

I agree Vlad, something like a cartridge or trinket would be cool. Something else for someone to collect!


Next year, please, could someone bring some French WWI 8mm cartridges for sale. George


The St. Louis International Cartridge Show (SLICS) is not run by the IAA – it is a private cartridge show currently run by Vic Engel. It has always been a privately-run cartridge show – even when it was in Chicago.

Currently, the IAA uses the venue to hold its board meetings and the general members’ meeting. The IAA Research Committee organizes the cartridge seminars and the IAA organizes the live auction at the show, but it remains a privately-run cartridge show.

The picture of the disk at the top of this thread was a novelty business card that Gary Muckel produced in the recent past. It is not a piece of SLICS memorabilia!!

The suggestion of possible IAA-funded “souvenir” will be taken under consideration.


I am assuming you mean a purchased souvenir, Chris, as opposed to a show cartridge that normally comes free to table holders. I would think that would be best for the IAA, and might even bring in a little beyond its original cost. A limited edition would make the item that much more desireable.


Here’s the shell I referred to earlier, from the Ohio Cartridge Collector Club. Don’t know when or how it was distributed.

Now what would be cool? A paper shotshell, dummy, in a nice Western red, stenciled with “IAA Anniversay Edition, 2011” and on sale at the IAA table for $5 each! Let shotshell collectors rule the world!