Summer 2011 East Coast US cartridge shows


May we have all East Coast US show dates/places for this summer? I need to plan early, my daughter is going to the Navy in July, and I started planning ahead. I guess all the shows from Ohio to the east would be nice. If anyone knows of any other interesting concurrent events, I’ll be glad to have that info.


Williamsport, PA is June 17-18, and Morgantown, PA is August 19-20.
I think that’s it for the summer, but I would love to see more.


Show promoters are welcome to post the info on the Buy-Sell-Trade page (if a member of IAA).

Send info to me by email or PM and I will add to the cartridge show schedule on the IAA main page (members or non-members are eligible for this service).


What are the hours of Williamsport,PA show on Friday? I am actually taking a day off to drive to see you guys in beautiful downtown Williamsport, so I’ll try to be there for opening.


I think Vic opens by 8:00.
Just confirmed with his Lt., it is open at 8.