Sunday Gun Show Luck!

First, the box I did not buy, (because I just replaced my roof 3 days ago…), a sealed box of .30 Cal for the Pederson converted 1903. I understand they marked it this way to confuse the “enemy”:

.30-40 KRAG, Gallery Practice, WRA:

9mm Blitz Action Trauma, (GECO safety round), I remember selling these in the early/mid 1980s’. I picked this up because of the box!:

Twoo full bosx of .22 Short, just cool ammo:

A sealed tin of Peters No. 3 Primers for Nitro Powder:

And, finally, what I spent the last of my lunch money on…
BIG = .58 Caliber centerfire… Roberts? Musket?, Something?, no H.S., 1 11/16" long case, 2 1/8" OAL, (as close as I can get with a tape measure, forgot to bring my calipers!)
Medium = 56-50 Spencer, no H.S.
Small = .45-70 Blank, inside primed, no HS…
Small = .45-70 Blank, no H.S.

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58 cal looks like 58 Berdan.

Just out of curiosity but do you recall he price of the .30 Pederson box?

Unfortunately, I do not. I only remember it was more money than I had available.
I will be seeing him again at least once by our next meeting on Dec 12, I will try
to remember and ask.

Thanks, Orange, much appreciated!