Super Vel 9mm Proof Load

I recently picked up the box pictured below. This is the first SuperVel proof load I have encountered. Does anyone know the story of these loads?

The box has the FPC Inc, Fond du Lac, WI address and the load code is DG20313. Maybe I’ll get lucky and d’artagnan will ha have this code broken also!!!

Has anyone seen a similar load in another caliber.


Lew, great box and cartridge, very interesting. In 1980, when H&H Cartridge Corp. put its machinery for sale -as you know, this company was making the Super Vel ammunition brand from a few years before-, it was bought by a company named Fondy Packaging Corporation, whose name was changed to FPC, Inc. by 1981. Two different trademarks for ammunition were assigned to them: “Super Vel” and “Qualifier”.

The latest information I have about this company is an article with published in 1985, but I don’t know for sure when it ceased to exist.




The best dates I have are:

Super Vel Cartridge Corp - Shelbyville IN from 1967 to Jan 1975
H&H Cartridge Corp- Greensberg IN was established in Jan 1975 and closed in 1980
FPC Inc-Fond du Lac WI was in operation from 1980 through at least 1993

I’m still looking for an H&H marked box. Quite a few of the Super Vel Cartridge Corp boxes lacked a date code, but some have one. All the FPC boxes I’ve seen have a code.