Super Vel 9x19mm subsonics

I have a number of Super Vel subsonic loads in my collection, but I recently acquired this box which is very different from my other Super Vel boxes. The load was also new to me, a green tip 130gr bullet.

There was originally a black foam spacer in the bottom of the box and it rotted to the point where it was just a gummy black grit. it also almost destroyed the tip color on the cartridges.

This is reputedly a government contract.

Does anyone have one of these rounds in good condition??? Any info on this item???

Lew - when we talked about this on the phone earlier, I wasn’t sure of anything about the loads in my own collection. Firstly, I have never seen this, or any other plastic Super Vel box. However, my Super Vel box collection is poor. I have only five or six and only one subsonic box, for 125 grain FMJ subsonic. Total cartridge weight for that load is 184.8 grains.

I have 10 Super Vel-headstamped subsonic loads in my collection:

SUPERVEL 9MM LUGER(Rem-made case with SV headstamp) 184.8
SUPER VEL 9mm LUGER short curved primer crimps 222.7
Same, long curved primer crimps 222.3
same, no unusual markings 185.5
same, all blue primer 184.2
same, all black primer, black bullet tip 184.8
same, all green head and primer 186.0
SUPER VEL 9MM LUGER, green head, all green bullet, smooth
case cannelure 224.9
same, green bullet tip, all-red primer 224.4
same, black bullet tip, all-red primer 224.2

All rounds have a fairly normal ogive FMJ GM bullet, except the two rounds with total cartridge weight of around 222 grains, which must have a bullet weight from 158 grains to 162.00 grains, and they have a very blunt RN bullet.

It seems that the norm for Super Vel Subsonics was a 125 grain bullet, which corresponds to the one box I have.

I have never seen the one that you show, which must have a total cartridge weight of somewhere around 190 grains.

It is hard to show it typed on line, but there are three distinct headstamps in those above, all saying the same thing. One is made by Remington, and it has no gap between “Super” and “Vel” and while the “MM” is upper case, it is shorter than the “9” on on the headstamp. another has a gap between the two words of the name, and generally smaller, finer letters, with the “MM” the same height as the “9”. The other has lower-case “mm”.

I don’t know if Super Vel loaded the two heavy bullet subsonics with the odd triple, curved-line primer crimps, but they have the Super Vel Headstamp.

John Moss

I have put these rounds under high magnification, and am convinced that they never had a green tip. What I am seeing is corrosion of the copper in the bullet tip from rotten spacer. This is reinforced by a note I found in my files with a copy of this box label that said the cartridges had no tip color.

A friend here in Atlanta ran across this thread and called to give me some additional information. He was the source of my box of cartridges pictured above.

He said these were a lot made by Super Vel for the Navy Seals. The cartridges were delivered to Crane (Navy munitions depot in IN) who sent 30 boxes to the Military Armament Corp (MAC of Ingram fame) for testing in a varity of silenced weapons. The rounds functioned successfully when the silencer was installed but did not reliably function a weapons without silencers. The box I have and some others that are apparently in the Atlanta area are the residue from the 30 boxes sent to MAC.

These are 130gr bullets and the round has an overall weight of 185 gr which seems a little light for a 130gr bullet.

Cheers, Lew