Super vel ammo

hello , sorry to be a pest , but the contributors are very knowledgeable,
I have several yellow with red printing super vel boxes and several live rounds of 9mm, . 45 and .357.
but when did production begin , roughly.
many thanks robbt


Here’s a previous thread on Super Vel. If it doesn’t answer all your Qs, let us know. … =super+vel


robbt–First of all, your NOT a pest. Distribution of information through sharing is what this Forum is all about.

No question is too trivial to ask. Even the most simple questions will be answered in a stright forward manner with NO condensation. None of us were EXPERTS when we started out.

Here is what I beleive is the first catalog for Super-Vel. It is Mid-1967. Note that ALL the loads and the write up only talk about police loads. The last sheet, the black & white one, is an ad from about 1980. Note the change in emphsis to civilian loads. Single click on the image to enlarge it, especially the first one so you can read it.

many thanks explains another oddity , I have two boxes of heads 110 gr .38 made by supervel , they must be late production as the box is black with red and yellow lettering, take care robbt