Super Vel "Biker" 9mm brand

I noticed on the Super Vel Facebook page from a few days ago that they are doing a special run of 9mm with “STURGIS” headstamps for the biker rally there coming up in August. They must be hoping to cash in on the thousands of people who pour into Sturgis, SD for this event with some custom headstamped / packaged ammo. This new line of ammo doesn’t appear on the Super Vel website yet, but I assume it will. The minimum number of cases they would have had to order for that headstamp is likely quite a bit more than they will sell at the biker rally.


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Is there anything besides the headstamp and box label that makes them "Biker-ish???

No Nothing at all. Super Vel is presuming that bikers at Sturgis, or anywhere, will want to purchase these over the novelty of the headstamp - and they indeed might, who knows. It could bomb, or sell out. History tells us that an otherwise pointless change of component color and box graphics can do wonders for sales with the likes of Hornady Zombie Max, though they certainly had a whole lot more promotion going on. The ammo itself was the exact same thing as their pre-existing Critical Defense load except for tip color.

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I don’t see these doing that well. If they had been able to partner with a company like Harley Davidson and use a black coated copper hollow point with orange plastic tip, now THAT could go somewhere.

Of course, bikers (like any tight knit group) can be the type of people to buy it if it relates to motorcycle culture, so there’s that.

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Are they priced twice what they’re worth, based on 100 year old technology & leak oil profusely?

If so they should sell like hotcakes.

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Wait…like a 1911? Oh, you mean a Harley xD

These are a limited edition to be introduced at the 2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. I suspect they are being made for a company named Sturgis Guns. I have no idea of the price.


I went looking on the Super Vel website, and after much digging, found these burried in the closeout section.
They also have a 50% off promo code of BIKER50 which makes each box only $7.48. I ordered 5 boxes and the shipping was also only $4.95. Granted, 115gr FMJ 9mm at retail should only ever be priced in the .18 to .30 cents per rd range, but these are basically a headstamp collector item. I only wonder exactly how many they had made - somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 must be.

And Lew was correct about Super Vel making these for a company called Sturgis Guns - the Sturgis Guns Facebook feed shows this from Sep 23rd

Not very interesting unless you like headstamps or boxes! I brought some to Europe and there was surprising interest. Most european 9mmP collectors I know have pretty much given up on US headstamps. Too many variations to keep track of.