Super Vel box in .45 ACP from the sixties


A box of Super Vel cartridges in .45 ACP, with 190 grain JHP bullet. I don’t know if this was the bullet originally being nicknamed “flying ashtray”. The box, I think, must be from the '60s, but I may be wrong.

Note that the “H & H CARTRIDGE CORP.” label on the bottom is pasted over the orignal box.


Nice box Schneider.

If memory serves me, it was gun scribe Dean Grennell that nicknamed the Speer .45ACP 200gr JHP the “Flying Ashtray”. It was a very popular law enforcement duty and self-defense load back in it’s day (that was IFyou could get your pistol to properly feed and function with the Flying Ashtray).


Interesting headstamp with the two diamonds on it. Does anyone know who made the cases?




Leon - your memory serves you right on both counts. The “Flying Ashtray” was the Speer 200
Grain Hollowpoint, and it was a real jammer. The only load I ever shot in my Colt Commander, all throated,
etc., was that load.

Lew - I checked all my files where I might have had the information on that “Diamond” headstamp from
Super Vel, and had nothing on it, other that from GK whose sheet justs says a "contract headstamp."
It was one of the last, perhaps THE last, that they used.

I could have sworn that someone in IAA did a study of the Super Vel Headstamps. I thought it was
John Guenther, who did one on Smith and Wesson, but I could not find anything in the IAA
Journal Index for Super Vel that identified the case maker.

Sorry about that.

John Moss


[quote=“Lew”]Interesting headstamp with the two diamonds on it. Does anyone know who made the cases?



in Otto Witt’s book Otto’s 38s vol. 2, under Super Vel with the diamonds on the h/s, it states that the cases were made by Federal for PFC Cartridge Co., Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.


Leon, Great Job, Lad! I always lecture that books are valuable even if on a subject you don’t collect,
because there is so much over-lap in information, such as on headstamps. Then, I never even thought
to check Ot’s book. You’re a born detective, my friend!

John Moss


This post sparks a recollection and I went thru my stash of boxes. Found this one. Wish it didn’t have the stickers on it.

I recall buying these in the early 1970’s.


Here’s a Super Vel brochure.

The box looks a lot like yours. It’s dated December 1977. It’s titled “Presenting Super Vel”. Is that when they started? I seem to remember a thread on this some time ago but I’m not sure it was on this forum. To bad you can’t see the headstamps.



I just found another add for Super Vel. It is their second annual clearance sale.

It’s dated Oct. 23 1978. It states all cases have Super Vel headstamps.