Super Vel Coming Back?

A little tidbit in a Bloomberg Business story (of all places).

“Hopkins divides his time between the store and a separate ammunition-supply business he operates. He recently purchased the trademark for a long-defunct hollow-point ammo brand called Super Vel, which he plans to revive with retro ’60s packaging. “For some people, nostalgia sells guns and ammo, just like it sells cars or clothing,” he explains.”


Yes, it seems that this brand is coming back, once again. Since late 2015 the trademark is owned by Nevada Cartridge Company, LLC of Henderson, Nevada (known for being the distributor of Tru-Tracer shotshells).

This is their website:

Thanks for the link Fede.

Nothing ever truly “comes back”. Old brand names and logos may re-appear but the products are never the same. Old companies are often bought simply to acquire the brand name. It’s smart business to do so.