Svenska v. Dansk 8x58R

Another area that I have need for a deeper level of knowledge is the 8x58RD cartridge. The vernacular in Sweden is 8x58RD so I’ve taken to use that for the 8x58R Danish cartridge.

I’ve owned and shot and handloaded for 8x58RD in the m/1889 Swedish rolling block. But I’m also the Krag forum moderator at so the use of this cartridge in the m/1889 Danish Krag crosses paths frequently. As used by Sweden and Denmark they are not/were not loaded to the same level. Initially perhaps in the early 1890s they may have been but by the m/1908 patron things changed for the Krag but not the rolling block.

In my cartridge collection, such as it is, I have samples of original Danish and Swedish and Norma commercial 8x58RD.

Keller & Company, Austria dated 1893. Factory loaded cartridge.

I’ve been led to believe this Danish military case was reloaded for Sweden and specifically for the 13th Infantry Reg’t. The markings would bear that out but I don’t know for sure.

Norma factory commercial load for the m/1889 rolling block.

Preface from Norwegian Ladeboken (load book):

[quote translation]

The Danish military cartridge of 1889 is not a common
sight today. The Danish Krag J

Here are some headstamp images of sporting loads for the 8x58RD.

Can you positively confirm that “RD” just stands for “Rimmed Danish” or ??

The top left hs is hard to see but has a faint hs with what appears to be an “M” at the top with a “95” at the bottom. This is a SP sporting load. Does any body know what this hs represents ? - My first thought was that this maybe an “HL” at the top but I don’t think so ?? (click image to zoom) This would make it “HL 95” hs which was used on 11.7mm Remington cases of differing lengths?

I have an 8x58R ctg no hs, loaded with BP, 235 gr FMJ steel, wax wad under bt. The rim is thicker tan an 8mm Krag ctg. What is it.

This is just a common headstamp of the Danish Army.
The stamp at 12 o’clock indicates coded civilian brass suppliers/case makers and the year of deliverance. There are some more codes like II., H.I., V.I., V.II. and V.III., but they are all unknown. The 2-digit year is always before or the same as the 4-digit year on 9 and 3 o’clock, which indicates the loading-year.
The star-stamp indicates that the case was reloaded to a blank with wooden bullet.