Swartklip .22lr ammo

I am looking for info and pictures about the 45gr solid point , the sabre tip bullet and the low drag solid , a lot is unknown about this south african ammo.

Mssr. Torres,

I will scan the catalog page covering this ammuntion and two other loads, and have my friend Joe post it. I am not sure when it will get posted, but if he is home, it is usually pretty quick.

I need not repeat the information here, as the page that I will scan tells everything I know about this ammunition. It is from the 2004 catlaog of Swartklip, at that time a division of Denel Corporation of Republic of South Africa, and imported into the United states by Armscorp U.S.A. Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Swartklip made other products, including 155mm carrier shells, 40mm M79 type grenades, rifle grenadesd and hand grenades, illuminating flares and signals, anti-riot munitions, smoke gnerators, electornic warfare decoys, and practice ammunition and components. They also made industrial products such as Kiln guns, industrial power cartridges, marine distress flares, rockets and smoke signals, and .22 rimfire and shotgun ammunition.

A blurb in the IAA Journal of Sept/October 1007, Number 457j, page 24, indicated that Swartklip Products was to close due to economic problems. There were no further details.

Keep your eye out for the scan.

John Moss

John Moss Collection

Mssr. Torres,

I hope that this helps you. The reason for the “fold” in the page and the cut off line of print (not important line - no info) is that I had to send it in two parts - the full page would not transmit as it somehow “exceeded lmits” for sending an email. I don’t understand these computers.

At any rate, my friend Joe did an excellent job of putting it back together as one picture and I hope it is the information you wanted. It is all I have on these rounds, as I do not collect rimfires at all, and know little about them.

John Moss

thanks to all of you , swartklip cartridges clearly show ingenuity in producing NEW loads for the .22 lr , the sabre tip ,is a really tumbling bullet ? most ordinary .22 lr bullets will tumble in tissue, but cause little damage , perhaps SWARTKLIP really improve the weight distribution of the bullet to increase terminal effect ?
also the 45gr solid looks very penetrative, the low drag bullet is very streamlined ,the super hollowpoint uses a "real"hollowpoint ; most collectible indeed .

Glad you liked the information. Swartklip ammo may become even more collectible if they cease operations, as reported in the IAA Journal.

John Moss

a shame if that wonderful ammo is no more.