Swedish 13mm T-Gewehr Ammunition

Does anyone have a good sample of this ammunition that I could get some pictures off? Mostly looking for clear high resolution photos of any headstamps or packaging. I know some they made some ammunition, probably AP, in the early 1920’s in Karlsborg, but that’s all that I’ve got. I know this is a weird request, and as before, the pictures would be used in a book/article that I’m writing, with named credits. Thank you,

Are you aware of the information and headstamp photo at www.amkat.se ?

Thank you. I’ve been to that page a few times. There are photos of a Swedish cartridge on their website, with a transcription of the headstamp, but I haven’t seen a photo of a headstamp. There are nice photos of a German cartridge, but that’s a different animal I’ve been in contact with the curator and he has been incredibly helpful getting photos of various things. I figured I would try here first to see if anyone had something in their collection.

Swedish military ammunition site www.amkat.se 13x92R headstamp.


Well, I feel rather foolish. I was thinking of a different website, and when I did go to the one linked above, I was unable to find the picture that is shown in this thread. For the sake of being thorough, does anyone here have any other examples? This looks like 1922 Karlsborg production.

Hi Christopher!

This is a really scarce ammunition and I have only seen one of them myself after looking for it in some 15 years here in Sweden. In general, it seems that the K 22 is the headstamp to be found. The only references I have is the speciment I have on amkat.se (Property of LYE). The one found on Armemuseum in Stockholm, the state museum of the Army of Sweden (Ref no: AM.046345, no picture of the bottom, stamp is only described in text). And lastly but not least the picture from the text “The cartridges of the Mauser anti-tank rifle of 1918 and of the T.u.F M.G. made by M.A.N, written by Manfred Stegmuller”.
I have heard of maybe one more cartridge in Sweden, but I have not seen it myself.

The direkt Link to the cartridge at Amkat.se

The link to the image of the bottom stamp:

Either I can send you the picture from amkat.se in maybe a slightly better quality, or you can mail the museum were you probably can get the help to retrieve a picture of their 13 mm round headstamp in a professional quality. But the museum will ask for payment as the picture will be used in a publication, I have not tried this way myself.

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I have a copy of Stegmuller’s article, and found it to be very informative. I did not realize that this ammunition was so rare. I guess it makes sense, given that probably less than 20 guns were made. If possible, I would like to get a copy of your photo in better detail, as its a good clear scan. I will message you my details.

Does anyone have photos of the gun in use? I have a low quality jpg of some guys with a rifle propped up on a log, but its not good enough to print.
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Hi Christopher! I have sent you a mail.

Sorry, I am not able to provide any pictures of the rifle to use. The only pictures I have seen is the ones on digitaltmuseum.se, and those pictures is owned by the site. I will have the thought in the back of my head, if I find something I will contact you.

The 20:th of May 1940 Karlsborgs tygstation still had 230 round in store.

The list contains all bits and pieces “ever” evaluated by Swedish army,
some hundred rounds of each.

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Thanks for this graphic. What does “sk” mean? I assume ptr is patronen or the Swedish equivalent. Thank you

sk = skarp which literally translates as sharp, but indicates a live round that fires a bullet. In several European countries a similar terminology (scharfe - Austria, scherpe - Netherlands) was used.