Swedish 20mm recoilless from late 1960s

I just stumbled over a reference on a recoilless 20mm Bofors which had a different case (larger) than the "old " M42 and it is dated in the late 1960s.

By the late 1960s this system should have been completely obsolete.
What was the point to work on such a system and what were the details of it?
Anybody with more insight?
Reasons and thoughts?


First I thought you mentioned the NIVA system, but that is of a 45mm caliber. I have not heard of any 20mm recoilless except the m/42. What kind of hint have you received?


Chris, I saw a drawing of it.

Ok, it is probably experimental/test I guess. I have not seen the cartridge or any weapons for it :(

This is my understanding too as otherwise we would have seen it somewhere. Maybe even no real specimen ever existed.

But for me the question about the why and the how is very interesting as the late 1960s are way too late for such a system.

You do not happen to have a drawing number or any actuals for me to dig down on? Maybe it is possible to pm me some kind of picture of the drawing?