Swedish 20x110

Got some info from a fellow collector regarding a case
06673001 means factory 066 = Liab Lindesbergs Industri AB. 1973 Lot 1.

But I am a bit hesitant about the projectile, driveband suggest fired but looks like a different metal in the base
Projectile is marked R-HS, length from band to top 21.5mm. Projectile top part diameter 17.5mm


The proj. is ok for the 20x110, just that the ballistic cap and nose fuze ar emissing as this is an API with 2 incendiary charges. The one still being in the base behind the aluminum plate.

Image source: internet.

As the question arose.

The projectile design is originating from Hispano-Suiza.
And there were several variants of this projectile. Means there was also a version with a 2nd fuze in the base. Some have the incendiary composition in the base just below a base plate (like in the request), some have a base fuze there and some have a tracer.

Here a Hispano-Suiza diagram with the base fuze.

Thank you for the info!