Swedish 20x145R dummy / stamp question


I’ve found this stamp (crown above 3 rings). Any ideas of the meaning?


Nobody with knowledge or an idea?


I think the usual Swedish government marking is three crowns, so this may not be Swedish.

It may be a Swedish arsenal stamp. (Or another country??)


I don’t know what the letter under the crown stands for (on my screen, I cannot even tell what letter it is), but I would say without doubt it is simply a Swedish inspector’s mark. On a series of 9 mm Browning Long Gauges in the Woodin Lab collection is are two headspace gauges. Each has the crown stamped on it, but with the number “31” stamped under it, probably representing an arsenal in the old Swedish WWII Arsenal numbering system. The letters on one are slightly different than on the other.

I have in my own collection, a 9 mm Para solid steel inspector’s dummy with the same style of crown over the letter “C.” This dummy was acquired for me by a Swedish friend at the Carl Gustafs Stads factory some 40 years ago. Norway used a similar mark. I have .45/.22 Adaptor cartridges for the adaptor barrel to the Kongsberg M1914 Pistol (Colt M1911) that have a crawn surmounting the letter “K” indicated inspected at Kongsberg (and undoubtedly made there). Some made years later to replace lost and damaged adaptors for units in private hands were made by a private company, and do not have this mark at all.

Despite the huge difference in size and type of ammo, I think we are talking about the same use of the mark.


The mark under the crown is definitely not a letter or a number. The 3 rings remind me rather of a small pile of cannon balls.
So maybe JohnS is right and it’s a swedish arsenal stamp.