Swedish 6.5mm target ammo

Along with some of the stuff I got from Sweden, these were included. I can’t find hardly information on these two loads online. Do any of our veteran members have any information on these like how old they are? Thanks.


Norma HS Letter Codes 1961 - 1991 & historical info.pdf (251.0 KB)

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I know that this particular headstamp without the “archway” at the bottom was considered match grade and had a deposit so they would be brought back for reload. Or so I have been told. I have some of each in my collection.

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Are you meaning the Metallverken?

Thats my favorite so far, as the box says “Metallverken Varastas” just like the fine rear sight adjuster on my favorite M96.

Thank you for the link BDgreen

Is that a steel case? That I have not seen in that headstamp.

Not sure how accurate the data is but I got the info about the match grade from the following:


It is non magnetic. Zinc plated brass?

That is a fantastic link thank you!!