Swedish 8x63mm packet

I have a couple of questions about this packet of Swedish 8x63mm.

  1. Is this a special packaging for the MG crews that were issued the Swedish M40 mauser rifle? If so, why 4 rounds in a charger? Is that all the M40


red label says: save the spent cases and clips as a contribution to defence expenses.



thanks a lot for the translation!!


What does “Ramade” mean? I have not seen that before on a Swedish label, that I can recall.

John Moss

an online translator comes up with “frame” like in “frame a picture”! Maybe it means “in chargers”. Don’t really know.

Is that an H or a II on the clip ?


it’s a H.


Are both clips marked the same ?


Yes, both the same.


Hi Phil - you made a very good guess. The word “Ramade” simply is the equivalent of the German “in ladestreifen.” (in clips). My friend Morten Stoen in Norway translated it for me. He told me the rifle only has a four shot magazine, which explains the 8 rounds (he said that most of the rifles will take five, but it was forbidden to load five. It is probably a case like some Browning HP 13 shot magazines, where you can get 14 rounds in one, but then it is hard to feed the first round from an open slide). He also told me he had not seen the 8-shot box - of course it is Swedish and not Norwegian - but that they were usually packed ten to a box without clips. Interesting stuff. Sounds like the packaging you have is not the most common, although I am the last one to know how scarce it may really be.


Thanks for the information. I really bought the packet by mistake. I miss-read the label. I thought I was getting the M39 rounds (7.9x57). I was surprised when I got it home and looked at it closer. But, as it turns out, I didn

So is the clip a special one for the 8mm M1932 or just the standard M94 clip for the 6.5mm Mauser cartridge? Since the 8mm head is a tad larger than the 8x57 as is the 6.5 I’d think maybe the 6.5 clip would do the job. JG

You might be right. I am not familiar with 6.5mm clips so I can

Pbutler: I’ll check a standard Swedish clip and the 8mm M1932 cartridge and see if they seem compatible. JG


Here is what I thought I was buying. Our good friend Willem got this for me after I told him about the 8x63mm packet. I will try to pay more attention to what I

Very nice.

Phil - Nice box. I think I have it too. The use of “AmF 32” on this box is somewhat of an enigma. AmF 32 was Lidk

I note the 7,9 cartridge is a “Z” ( Bratislava ZB factory); Whilst made during WW II under German Control, exports to “non belligerants” by the Reich still used “Commercial” type headstamps. Both “Z” (a 1936-40s) identifier, and “SB” were used during the war for Exports to neutral countries by Germany.
Is the M39 packet filled with Swedish made ammo or Germany supplied ammo?

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

German (Czech). The picture with the box is what’s in the box.

Doc - the Swedish-contract ammunition from Czechoslovakia does not have a commercial-style headstamp. “Z” and “SB”, while both used on commercial ammunition headstamps, are not exclusive to civilian cartridges. The same two factory designators were used on pre-war Czech military cartridges, though with a Czech military style headstamp. “Z St 1 42” is purely a German-style military headstamp with no relation to commercial ammunition. That is the ammunition that came in the box Phil showed. I have the same box.

There is also a round from the same era from the Czech factory of Sellier & Bellot, again using the “SB” initials but on a strictly German military-style headstamp (the “Z” ammunition factory, note I said “ammunition” and am not talking about the gun factory at Brno, became “PS” after the war and today is still operating in the Slovak Republic).

The box label for the “SB” rounds, in Swedish but still in the German-style 15-round boxes, does not make any reference to SB, but rather shows AmF 33 which is theSwedish code actually assigned to Brno. I suspect now that it included all Czech ammo to Sweden. Researching this brings us back to my comments about the early Lot 1 of 1942 box that both Phil and I have, which shows “AmF 32.” I reckoned, among other guesses, that the use of the “32” numerical code might have been an error on the box label, rather than on the code list that has been published by SARA in Sweden. The box for the “SB” headstamp and labels for later lots of the “Z” headstamp confirms this in correcting that error and showing “AmF 33.” I should have gone to my Czech 7.9 file in the first place, instead of just my general file on Swedish ammunition. Sorry about that.