Swedish 9 mm Subcaliber cartridges for Argentina

Here is the first picture of the new box of 9 mm tracer cartridges made in Sweden by Saab Dynamics AB for the AT4 training units recently bought by the Argentine army.

do you know if the bullet tip is flat or rounded ? and the tip is red or red/blue

i can get a specimen dated CG 98 but i don’t know the color of the tip

Sorry, I don’t know because I haven’t seen any examples yet.

I just scanned the Argentine subcaliber manual and here is the ammunition page showing the exhaust simulator and 9 mm tracer cartridge.

thank for the picture
yes it the round that i had

red tip and azul bullet sealing ,azul primer sealing ,headstamp CG 97

The box pictured would probably have cartridges headstamped CG 13 since the production date on the box is 2013.

Fede, hope you find one of these one day just to make sure they don’t have a special headstamp as is often the case.


there are a picture of my round

headstamp Cg 97