Swedish 9mm Boxes

From the online Digitalmuseum here are a few Swedish 9mm boxes that may be of interest, feel free to add information or make corrections.

  1. 9 x 19mm Swedish tracer (Spårljuspatroner = tracer Cartridge) subcaliber m/67, 20 round box. These were used for training via subcaliber adaptors in the Swedish Carl Gustav m/48 (Granatgevar m/48), 84mm hand held AT weapon or in the Pansarkott (Pskott) m/86 (U.S. version = AT4) hand held AT weapon. Cartridges are identified by a white bullet tip, white neck seal and half of the cartridge base is painted black.

  1. 9 X 19 Swedish box, lead free, 130 gr FMC bullet.

  1. 9 x 20mm Swedish, box and 3 drill/dummy rounds (blackened on the left) and the 3 rounds on the right are ?

That last box, for the dummy cartridges, is fabulous. I believe the black case dummy was the earliest one, and is quite scarce of itself. I don’t think those aluminum dummies have anything to do with the box, and perhaps not even with Sweden. They appear to be .38 S&W caliber, although I suppose they could be a metric revolver round as well - I know very little about revolver ammunition other than calibers I shoot.

Thanks for posting that picture. It is certainly one for my files!

Beautiful boxes… It must be noted that the 2d (the green one) is for Police Training, as it states :

“Övningsammunition Polisen”

(övning is for school in Swedish)


Philippe, here “övning” means indeed practice (close to German wording) as school in Swedish would mean “skola”.

Well, of course, you must be right… I was refering to very old remembrances of Sweden in the 60ies, where you could see in the streets automobile school running with a big “poster” Övningsbil (bill for automobile…)…

In this case, the best solution was…to get away the fastest you could in order to try to stay alive!!!


The .38 S&W John noted in box 4 look to be solid steel, and appear similar to the German autoloading pistol dummies I’ve seen. BUT this is just a guess.

As much as I hate to think it, since I have never seen or heard of a 9 mm Brng Long like this, and would lust in my heart for one (yes, I know this is a picture from a Museum, not a private collection), there is a possibility that these could be 9 MM M/07 (Browning Long) box-maker’s dummies. The overall cartridge length appears the same as the 9 mm drill rounds, and the rim diameter appears to be the same. Details such as an extractor groove and bevel would not be necessary for a box-maker’s dummy.

And yes, they could be steel, not aluminum as I thought and is how they look on my screen. Box maker’s dummies that I have in my collection and have identified as such, are steel.

Brian, nice boxes, thanks for posting.

The first box also includes 20 exhaust simulating cartridges using a 6 mm rimfire blank as igniter.

The green box for the police was made by Fiocchi.

Those silver color items in the last picture looks like die cast or plastic toy cartridges to me, as I have a very similar example made for a Daisy revolver (note that there is a casting ridge on the side of the middle cartridge).




Thanks for the correction, the box makes more sense now since it holds 20 rds of the m/67 6mm rimfire back blast simulators which I take were to be used in conjunction with the 9x19mm subcaliber tracer cartridge which comes in 50 round boxes. At least ones I have seen pictured.

6mm avfyringspatron m/67-

It is unfortunate that the museum photographer did not take pictures showing the cartridge headstamps of the cartridges associated with box #2 & #3, but making a group of cartridge collectors happy probably did not occur the them:-)

Fede and Brian, the primers are actually not crucial for the exhaust as that is an additional an optional charge that can be added to the subcaliber system.
As the Carl Gustav AT weapon and also the AT4 do fire the same type of cartridge with side priming the primer adapter here is used to relay the movement of the 2nd primer pin which is inside the subcaliber round.
The ignition of the back blast simulator is only a side effect.

Alex, you are right, this is a vertically fired auxiliary primer that is used to transfer the energy of its gases to the firing adapter that fires the 9 mm cartridge by means of a regular horizontal firing pin. However, after reading various manuals of subcalibers using this system, there is no indication that there are any kind of exhaust gases involved, so I was fully wrong on this aspect. Regards, Fede.