Swedish 9x19 "71 070" tracer

What’d the meaning of bullet markings?

Swedish tracer, 9 mm sk ptr m/68 Slprj


Quoting Chris (The Swedish military ammunition site)

“The early form of m/68. It is made in Sweden. Live round m/68 is used for 9mm practice weapon for Pskott m/68. It is used for a distance up to 200 meters. The ammunition is weaker loaded than a standard round, and is forbidden to be used in submachine guns. If fired in a pistol the weak load will make the gun to not cycle.”


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In other words, it’s trajectory matched to the Pskott m/68 (“Miniman” disposable AT launcher).
Newer types of this ammo is used in sub-cal trainers of the M72 and AT4 (M136).

The combination of weak load and very short barrel for the sub-cal trainer means these can get stuck in longer barrels.


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