Swedish 9x19 training round?

Hello to everybody, so long time without write Here! I have two 9x19 rounds, both have half base painted black, primer and case-bullet union are sealed with white paint. One has red tip and his headstamp is FFV 88, the other has orange tip and his headstamp is 7 070 0, I think are Carl Gustaf grenade launcher subcaliber, but, in chase of be rigth, I don’t know what model are.

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Hi Diego,
As you wrote these are reduced load/trajectory matched loads. The red ones have been used in subcal trainers for both the Pansarskott m/68, M72 LAW, and AT-4 (M136).

The Carl Gustaf (MAAWS) typically use 7.62 NATO or 6.5x55 subcal rounds, but someone may know if there have also been 9x19 systems. I do kind of doubt it however, seeing as the 84 mm MAAWS has a longer range than the three disposable systems mentioned above, and would necessiate a longer practical range for the subcal trainers.


Thank so much for your fast answer tennsats! You are right about Carl Gustaf, in fact I have one 7,62x51 for it, did you know what model are these 9mm subcaliber?

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Diego, take a look at Chris’ excellent website here:

It does indeed look like 9x19 was used also for the 84 mm CG.

A variant of the 9 mm sk ptr m/67 Slprj with red color is used in Norway with the M72 disposable anti-tank/anti-structure launcher, under the designation of NM125.


The 9 mm with orange tip was used in Carl Gustaf training system in Norway in the early 1970’s. The cartridge is a Swedish m/67, but identified with an orange tip as this was the color for tracer in Norway at that time.

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tennsats, Morten, thank so much for the information, is so usefull for me.

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The example with red tip is a US contract Practice Cartridge M939.

Hi Fede, then this one (red one) is for a USA contract? Did you know what model and use is the orange tipped one?

Best regards and thank so much for your answer!!