Swedish 9x19mm cases reloaded by LZ

Remember the tons of Swedish black plastic bullet short range cartridge with the steel ball in the tip that came into the US 5 or 6 years ago. Well, it looks like a little company in the Czech Republic found something to do with them.

The company is Limit-Z s.r.o in Luhacovice, Czech Republic. Apparently they reloaded a bunch of the Swedish ammo as ball loads, and marked the side with a stamp that says “9x19 LZ” to comply with EU rules that commercial ammo must be marked with the maker and the caliber. This packet showed up in Holland. I haven’t seen any other packets. The headstamps are all Swedish post WWII, mostly from the 50s & 60s but some as late as 1983. One was a commercial Norma headstamp. There is still a residue of the blue case mouth seal on the cases.

Unless these cases were inspected with the same quality of equipment used in Sweden, this may be a very ill-advised conversion. Firstly, the primers are original. I don’t know if they are corrosive or not, but may well be. If not, no harm there. If so, the ammo would not be a good buy at any price, considering the cheap price of non-corrosive 9mm ammo.

Much more important is that this type of load is often done on cases rejected from the normal ball loading lines for defects, some that could not be recognized by those of us without the factory-level equipment. That is why almost any single clip can have a wide variety of headstamps.

All in all - great for collectors, but a think a potential hazard for shooters.

Hi John,

This ammunition is sold in The Netherlands to sport shooters in large quantities for about two years now. Available in copperwashed lead and FMJ.
The used cases have a wide variety of headstamps but the Swedish headstamps show up most.

The bullets are so heavily crimped that in much weapons, the cartridge slides too far into the chamber, causing high pressures (because the case mouth is not able to expand fully) and problems with the firing pin that is unable to reach the primer. Also, some cases have a ‘belly’ because of the reloading.

In my opinion, it’s good for fun shooting by shooters that don’t have problems with ammunition that cause some malfunctions sometimes. No reports of corrosive primers so far.