Swedish amkat catalogue for 1970s-1980s-1990s

Does anyone have a .pdf copy of the amkat for this period?

I am looking to find the projectile and explosive filler weight for the mgr m/75 and hpgr m/75 for the akan m/75 (Oerlikon KCA) carried by the JA 37 Viggen.


I found it.

keywords for anyone trying to find it in the future:

ja 37 akan viggen automatkanon akan75 m/75 30mm oerlikon kca oerlikonkca kca30 mgr hpgr mingranat halvpansargranat övngr övningsgranat övnprj


Has anybody photos of the links?

Not many great photos of these around, but here are some.


the second picture is the HEI load ?
they missing a red band on these
do better pictures exist on HEI load ,and TP ?

No, the mingranat m/75 (HEI) is all yellow. Halvpansargranat m/75 (SAPHEI) is salmon/red over yellow. Övnprj m/75 (TP) is brown.

This last schematic has some kind of error. The 240 mm is obviously not correct for case length or overall length…

Do not confuse Swedish markings with NATO style markings.

swedish is not part of nato ?

thank for the TP picture ,because i see a 27x145 with this colour and doesn’t know this color ,but now yes

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Sweden is not part of NATO, and it has used its own color codings and ammunition names/designations for a long time. A common confusion for new collectors is white tip for tracer, now mostly replaced with red.

Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Switzerland are all non-NATO countries. They all have however taken part in NATO-led operations and "interventions" the last years, especially the first two.

Much of the reason that Sweden had and has such a big domestic military industry (especially in regards to planes) is because of their attempted neutrality, not depending too much on foreign help and trade.


thank for your infos

i know for Switzerland (but they had beautiful medium ammo)
nice to know than even Austria is not nato

Hey, would you mind sharing the pdf?