Swedish ammo pouch

It strongly resembles an old military ammo pouch, but the brass hinge and the brass divided compartments make me doubt. The only marking is “1.7” in front.
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Looks definitely like an ammo pouch for holding 4 loaded strippers. The flaps would keep the clips in the pouch if it was left open.

The stitch circle above the lid fastener is highly characteristic of Swiss ammo pouch designs.

Then why did you “doubt”?


Your cartridge pouch may be Swedish: http://sharky-fourbees.blogspot.com/2016/08/swedish-m9414-mauser-carbine-ammo-pouch.html


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Brian, thanks. You got it right. This appears to be a cavalry issued pouch, consistent with brass holding down flaps, so not to lose ammo while galloping. If I am right about cavalry, it may be pre WWII. Since it does not look like a parade issue, hopefully Sweden stopped using cavalry after WWII.

I think “I.7” stands for Infanterie 7th Regiment, and from the new condition of leather I guess at South Skane Infantry Regiment (1928-1963) stationed at Ystad,Revingehed. Infantry, of course, conflicts with my previous guess of cavalry.

After I made the above post, I got a definitive answer from an expert:


The ammo pouch that you have is indeed, a Swedish Army ammo pouch for the Swedish Mauser M 94-14 Carbine. The ammo pouches and carbines were used into the 1960’s by the Swedish Army. Originally the pouch was designed for the cavalry. The spring loaded tabs keep the other stripper clips from bouncing out while reloading while the horse was running. These pouches were also used by the Engineer-sapper units, bicycle units, and others, as well as the cavalry. The Swedish mounted palace guards still carry the rifle with a white version of the pouch.

The I.7 is the unit number, or Swedish Infantry Regiment 7. It is a very odd stamping though. They are usually very clear, solid numbers and letters. The pouches also have a single crown stamp, or the 3-crown stamps. Yours is missing this, so the age can not be determined as pre-WW2, WW2, or post war.

You pouch is stamped I.7, so it was used by an infantry unit, probably a smaller unit within the regiment that warranted a shorter carbine rifle. A number of regiments used the the number I.7 through the years. You can look them up here:


These carbine pouches are highly sought after and not seen very often! Keep it as-is and do not oil it or modify it! It looks like there was a price sticker on yours at one time, and it pulled off the finish a bit when it was removed… They can often sell up to a $100 if the right person is looking 😊 I have two of them. The one on my blog that you have seen, and second marked T.4 with a single crown. The second is for a support and training regiment (T.4).

Enjoy the pouch, or put it up for sale for a carbine owner to buy!

Take care and hope the info and links help.


Here are a few of my blog pages that show different Swedish unit markings:




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