Swedish Ammunition Manuals

From BOCN ( bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/9 … on-catalog ) are these links for 1949 & 1960 Swedish ammunition manuals-

Swedish ammunition manual, Vol. 1, 1949: tanks.mod16.org/pdf/Amregister%20I,%201949.pdf

Swedish ammunition manual, Vol. 2, 1949: tanks.mod16.org/pdf/Amregister%20II,%201949.pdf

Swedish ammunition manual, 1960: tanks.mod16.org/pdf/Amregister,%201960.pdf


Many thanks, Brian!

Still trying to find the colours for the 25mm Bofors projectiles…

A few excerpts from the pages of the Swedish ammunition manual, Vol. 1, 1949-

7.5 mm Nagant & Geco box

9 x 19mm with Swedish & Finnish boxes

11.25 mm or 0.45 ACP & Remington box (plain cardboard & black print?)


great stuff Brian, MANY thanks

What’s the trick to opening those manual files? All I get is a blank page, and no matter how long I wait, even though it says it is downloading, nothing happens.

Many thanks for taking the trouble of photographing and sharing the results.

it could be your browser is not correctly set up to download PDF files and then opening them in your PDF reader (typically Adobe reader).

Try the following: Click with your >right< mouse button on one of the links. A small menu will pop up, from which you select “Save file as…” (or something to that effect; I use a German Windows.) This should download the file and save it to your disk.

Once the file is on your disk, start your PDF reader program and open the file with it.

P.S. File sizes are 16MB, 10MB and 35 MB; depending on your connection you have to be patient.

after you click the link Brian posted you should get a new screen with a white line moving across the top & showing the progress of the download and some on the pages should be visible below the moving line, When it is finished downloading all the pages the white line disappears & you can push the download button on the top right (a box with an arrow inside pointing down) & you computer should ask you where you want it to download to.
hope this is of help

Pete - If all that means I need to select a file to save those manuals in, I don’t want to save them at all. I only want to print them out. I do get the plain white page (well, not really plain, as it has a heading, but 90% of the screen is plain white), and while I don’t see any white line work, it does say in a block at the top that it is downloading. But, I went away from the computer for twenty minutes and it still said that. Still no reference on the screen for doing any further action. I even had a little trouble getting out of it back to the Forum.

Thanks for the advice. I have a couple of years of original Ammunitionsregister from Sweden. Guess I will just take a pass on them. It was nice of you to respond, though, and nice of the chap who posted them, as those who can get them, I think, will enjoy them.


Email sent.



Got two emails. Thanks!


Hi John
For the future. After the white line is finished running it is completely downloaded onto that page / tab / window and up at the top right next to the download button is a print button. It should then print for you.

If it says it is downloading that means it has not yet finished downloading, Why you only see a white sheet. Sounds like your server was extraordinarily slow that day if after 20 minutes you didn’t even have the 1st page. Sometimes if that happens, try closeing the window / tab / page & go back to the original link & click it again.

Pete - thanks for your concern. Everything is taken care of now, although in a little different way. I know I am simply an old, computer-ignorant pest on this stuff. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. When it comes to computers, I agree with that completely. I have a total mental block for them and have had for the 25 or more years I have worked on one. Afraid that will never change.