Swedish box 6.5x55

This label is placed over another label

Most of the text is wiped out with black ink. As I have three boxes I try to wipe the black off which is done a little bid as I can read follow text
6.5 skarp patroner … (in black)
… endast för Fredeskjutning … (In bleu)
Amf … ( in Black)

Can someone tell me the meaning off the blue stripe on the box? The complete text on the label? Meaning off the label?
I suppose something like “use only in peacetime”
Thanks, Jan

“endast för Fredeskjutning” means: “For Peacekeeping Only”, though in what context I can only imagine.

“Endast för fredsskjutning” translates as “for peacetime shooting only”. As in the ammunition in the box/crate is not considered high quality/reliable enough for war time use where you depend on working ammo to keep you alive.
Usually has to do with case quality. Far as I know the bullets should have a light blue tip as well indicating lower grade cartridges not for wartime/automatic weapon use.


Thanks Badger Jack and tennsats. Any chance to show a proper label and cartridge?
Thanks, Jan

The box in the lower right corner, mine is without the blue stripe:

Nice boxes, psg1. What is the green stripe?

The box is empty, spare for a cast iron part that is meant to simulate the weight of a full box of rounds (and to keep the box from being flattened).
Used in training where you don’t need live ammo but should train with the weight of a real battle setup (pouches on the belt etc). The green stripe simply means the box does not contain ammunition.


Like Ole said, it’s just a box with iron to simulate carrying real ammunition. No ammunition inside.

Nice box, especially the use of it. Every country has is own habit.


Hi Jan!

This box is a beuty with layers over layers of history.

Undernethe is a box intended for a downgraded ammunition as already explained in short by Ole. The low grade Ammunition were loaded during the second world war so for a limited period of time of about 1940-1945. This is a left over never used in production, so the label is covered and ready for a covering label.

The content is ammunition imported from Germany in 1940-1941, and the factory code used is 30. The factory code is only found on the box, never on the cartridge. The cases is stamped with the factory code DWM following the Swedish standards with the year at 9 and 3 a clock, and the factory code at 6 a clock. The projectile is a m/94 of the ogival model.

This ammunition were bought by Sweden when Sweden were in a distress and were building up the in country production to cover the intended war month needs of world war two. The back side were that the ammunition were not in full, or maybe not even in part produced by DWM in Germany. Instead it is produced by the occupied factory of FN in Belgium. The forced labour made a most coreagious work in sabotaging the production and mainly managed to make uneven loads of the ammunition. The work were actually so “well done” so a mere weighting of the cartridge were not enough to judge what cartridge were sabotaged. Instead, the projectile needed to be pulled, the powder to be emptied and then the cartridge were reloaded again.
This is from a early revision made in 1946, and it were probably quite limited as I have only seen two dates until now for this year.

Later on, Sweden received compensation from Germany to revice the rest of the ammunition, a work done in between 1953-1955.

So this is actually a god box and label to keep in a historical perspective and a splendid collectors item.


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Here are some images of the green striped box with the content.


SL384930_1 65x55_Box_1131 65x55_Box_1130


Thanks a lot Amkat. So in short, they reworked the cartridges which were intended for the original label, because they realyse they are not save enough to use them in whatever circumstances, and put them in the same boxes with the new white label. Great even more it has a Belgian connection. That is why I love collecting the boxes also, you learn a lot more with them.
Love the box with the cast iron weight. Can t remember me another country doing this.
All the best for 2020, Jan.

Not really Jan,
Sweden did stop the production of the less good ammunition, e.g did not let the not so good components through the production line after the war ended. So the pre printed boxes for the downgraded ammunition were of no use. Instead of scrapping the boxes, the label were overprinted with the black stripe and a new label were glued on top. In this case, the boxes were instead used for the reworked ammunition from DWM. The DWM ammunition were probably received in bulk pack from Germany and then packed in Swedish boxes locally. When the rework were done on the ammunition the boxes were ripped open and not reused. Hence the leftover boxes were relabeled and used instead for the reworked ammunition.



Thanks for the information, very interesting to know.

Ok, thanks for the information. Jan.

Just as a bypass, there is a 9x19 version of the green striped box too. I have not been able to get my hands on such a box myself, only seen one so far.