Swedish Company VAPEX-9x19mm & 7.62x39mm

VAPEX Import & Export AB, Vellinge Sweden apprently went into business in 1987 as a sporting goods store which also sold reloading supplies and ammunition. In 1997 they broadened into mailorder. Today they appear to be a very successful internet supplier.

About 4 years ago, at a meeting in Germany I saw a headstamp “9mm Luger VAPEX” which looked like it was made by CBC in Brazil.


Unfortunately It had already been sold! I wrote a few emails trying to find more, with very little luck, other than discovering that the “VAPEX” also appears on Russian made 7.62x39 ammunition sold by the company.


Note the box says “Made in Russia” and “Made for Libra” which is a Czech company!!!

Has anyone seen any ammunition by this company?

When were they using their own headstamp?

Any idea how I would contact the reloading community in Sweden to see if someone has some of these 9x19mm cases laying on their reloading bench.

Any help appreciated.



Hi Lew,

Vapex in Russia used to sell components to the czech LIBRA, where they were put together, loaded and put on the market at discount prices as “made in the Czech Republic”.

Maybe also some complete rounds were sent there, and Libra also received same stuff from Tula (CTW).



I can’t say for all details but there was also 9x19 loaded in Russia which had Libra head stamps.

Thanks to Lew for posting the box,now I can place the rd. under the correct mfg.,another 7.62 x 39 mystery solved for me.

Seven Years and nobody has turned up another 9x19 with this headstamp???

I was correcting the images and decided to ask the question again.


Lew, I can’t help with your request, but I learned that the “VP” primer mark discussed in this thread was used in Vapex reloads: 9 mm Parabellum unknown primer mark



Hello, my name is Ralf and I´m new here. I hope I can contribute something to the great forum! I bought the box on egun in Germany.


Wonderful fine~