Swedish FFV 91 7.62x51mm AP cartridge

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I have a few Swedish 7.62x51mm AP cartridges taken off M13 links and am looking for history on them. Head stamp is “FFV 91”, annealed brass cartridge case, 3 staked Berdan primer with green sealant, a black tip 126.8gr. penetrator core type AP bullet, & a 45.1gr. powder charge. What little I came up with is that they were made by Forenede Fabriks Verken in Karlsborg, Sweden. These cartridges appear to be the forerunner to the BOFORS AB/NAMMO M993 AP cartridge.
Also need a translation of the writing on the bottom of the 20rd. box of '60 Israeli Choder Shirion AP (Jon?).

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First, I gotta ask if those FFV rounds came out of the Israeli boxes???

The label reads as follows:

20 CARTRIDGES 7.62 M"M/M"Y (I’ve never found the meaning of the M"Y)

CH"SH (the letters CHET and SHIN are for Choder Shirion = AP)

LOT:(30-67/60 SH.) (the Shin designates the maker, not sure who it is)


Hope that helps. The headstamp might explain who the Shin in the lot line refers to. Oh, the CH in CHET and CHODER have that Hebrew gutteral, clearing your throat sound.

Thank you for the translation. I have not opened any of the '60 Israeli boxes to see the head stamp info. I am thinking they are going to be more FN head stamped rounds, but I still may find an open/torn box of '60. The FFV rounds were belted MG ammunition (4 FFV AP- 1 LC M62 tracer). Forenede Fabriks Verken looks to have merged into Carl Gustav/BOFORS about 1991, then CG/BOFORS merged into NAMMO about 1998. (?) I did not realize this type round dated back to '91.

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Edit: The '60 dated Israeli AP boxes are very similar in appearance to the FN AP boxes from '67 except the FN boxes have an “FN” lot number prefix. But the '60 dated israeli box pictured contained cartridges with the 2 Hebrew letters/symbols at 12 o’clock just as in gyrojets picture below and “10-60” date at 6 o’clock. Thank you Jon & gyrojet!

Edit: Spelling

I believe this are the orginal Israeli AP rounds for the box
(This is not the right headstamp for in this box)


After another look, I added a bit to the translation.