Swiss 105mm Howtizer charge carriers & basket


Found in a junk shop but can’t read the language. Gather its a ordnance carrier of some type but;

  1. What round is it for?

  2. What country of origin is it?

  3. Why wicker? It’s not THAT old.

  4. Is it worth $65 US?


It is a Swiss carrier for large caliber (10.5cm) ammunition. I don’t think it is that old, but we picked up just the basket about 20+ years ago. Saw one recently at the ECRA meeting in Walenstadt Switzerland. I have no idea what the price is today, but $65 sounds reasonable.




These are charge containers for the 4th-6th load of the 105mm howitzer.

These are surplus and very common in Europe. Likely cheaper than in the US.