Swiss? 20x110RB Oerlikon drill/dummy

Hi to all,
brought this one home the other day and looking for a positive id please.
Was told it is an early Swiss supplied to England drill round/dummy, not known if from the 1927/28, 1938/39 trials or just early Swiss supplied service ammunition until the UK manufactured its own ammunition.
Although I have plenty of reference material on the early Swiss supplied Oerlikon, ie Labbett & Brown, I can find no mention of drill/dummy rounds from this period.

The projectile has the correct profile for the Swiss AP/incendiary shot and the practice tracer and is soldered into the case.
The case has three lines of three 3mm drilled holes and what looks like a wood distance piece, the primer socket has been fitted with a copper drilled and countersunk plug.
No headstamp or markings on the projectile.


Hi Tony, I have an identical one as this that I can’t get any info on, and was considering putting it on the forum to try & identify it, so thank you! I’m not sure whether to display, or to try and play a tune on it…

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Hi Pete, yes it is not one I know or have come across before but I do have a feeling it is Swiss mainly because of the projectile type.
And yes it does look rather musical :-)


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