Swiss 5,56x45


Does anyone know the story about the two types of grey plastic chargers found with Swiss 5,56x45? There is one that is 7,2mm deep and one that is 5,75mm. Is there any rhyme or reason as to why two types were used?

On page 182 of “Anhang zu Automatwaffen ll, von Christian Reinhart und Michael am Rhyn” example No. 62 shows cartridges on a standard NATO type metal charger. I’ve never seen one of these of Swiss manufacture. Does anyone have Swiss made 5,56 in a metal charger and if so, what are the makers marks (if any) on the bottom of it? Most countries seem to buy in these chargers from US producers.

Happy collecting, Peter


Peter I don’t know the story, but maybay it is a different factory
Like the plastic dummy rounds 5,56x45 I know that the grey chargers are also made at the same factory AREX

And I have not the metal type charger used by the Swiss, sorry!!


5,56x45 Swiss plastic dummy rounds

I have also a Swiss green charger for the 5,56x45


black one for NATO standard and the grey one for only Swiss issue

Thanks Guisan’s for this pict