Swiss .50 / 12.7x99 dummy

seems to have a ? Fuchs number 2632 written on it

if that is a “Fuchs”…I have no idea how to such his reference by number

I added three more (no case writing)

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the two with aluminum case look like the experimental 30-06 blanks from Norway.
Maybe they tried the same in 50BMG
Below are some quick pictures from what I have from this Experiment.
All pieces are headstamped R.A. 57



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The dummy is Swiss and the plastic bulleted blanks should belong to a French experimental series which also included 20x102 and 20x139 aluminum cases.

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Alex thanks (but we shouldn’t speak of our Swiss pal like that!!)…in the respective drawer they go

expect more ID questions as retirement and COVID set in…but it isn’t a quick process to photo, edit, send to my desk top and create/type/attch photos in a Forum post

right ?

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Is the brass cased a French as well…or only the aluminum ?

I think, the brass cased one is also a Paulet type blank from France…

there was one…now without pics…already identified here

Images fixed.

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I said something inappropriate with my lousy English?

This is the box of the brass cased variant:

Cartouches de 12,7 mm à balles plastique - 1a

thx Fede for the quick solution…with the missing pics…
Staying still confined in the house, I have more time to lookup things, and I remembered me on the question from German collector manuel…
Have a healthy time

no, he joked because you said “the DUMMY” is Swiss…

Ah, I was not sure and better than offending somebody!

Though regardless of nationality the “dummy” applies to 99% of this world’s population… (I know, I know I am harsh but this is my daily experience).


Not a Fuchs ref #

That entry was under “Various U.S. Experimental Rounds Not of the 12.7x99 Configuration”.

no…I was playing with our #1 Swiss collector as you the the “dummy is Swiss”

well thanks all “case closed”

stay tuned for a couple more “ID ??” today


I know it’s getting late for the oldsters across the pond !!!

I’ll post some odd ball rounds soon

Another year older too I see Pepper - Happy birthday.