Swiss 7,5mm dummy cartridges

I’ve looked through the topics on here but can find very little about the Swiss 7,5mm cartridge. I have 4 dummy cartridges in the calibre but I wonder if, apart from the rebated shoulder, there are any other variations to look out for.

The black enameled one is one piece and made from solid brass. Does anyone know why it is so different from the others?

The one on the right is made from aluminium with the two knurled rings stained black.

Happy collecting, Peter

That double shoulder would indicate to me these were made specifically for the Swiss Sturmgewehr 57 or Civilian version PE57. They have an extra shoulder in the chamber that has something to do with the locking system in the gun. The first fellow who fired a PE57 he bought from us brought in the cases, which looked like those dummies but without a “bullet” and I thought there was some defect. I FAXED SIG and they explained it to me, although it is so long ago, I don’t remember the details. Unfortunately, it makes the gun almost impossible to reload for, and at the time, there was little 7.5 ammo around anyway. Still, we had no trouble selling those very bug, very heavy, very expensive and very ugly Swiss rifles.

Perhaps someone who knows this weapon well can really remind me and tell us all exactly what function the odd chamber shape serves.

There is a solid brass one, as for yours, with a still shorter bullet profile to approximate the grenade cartridge.


The dummy grenade cartridges in my collection have “GW MANIP TREIB-PAT” rolled into the brass near the base. There was a special magazine for the grenade cartridge which was shorter internally so standard length rounds would not fit.

All of the blunter ogive brass dummies, number 3 from the left in your photo, that I have examined appear to be modified from the standard ogive dummies. The point of the bullet has been turned off at a later date, the brass has less aging tarnish and the machining is not quite concentric with the original machining. Perhaps these were made to produce an “universal” dummy which would fit both magazine types. It has also been suggested that the tip of the bullet was turned off because they got battered in use and this modification (at the factory) made them more durable.

Both of the shorter dummy rounds are supplied in red painted, fibre board, chargers with a wood nose strip to prevent longer rounds being used. They also have a “window” in the left side through which the necks and bullets can be seen. The standard length dummies came in a red painted charger without either the wood filler or the window. There was no charger for live Grenade cartridges.


Thank you to everyone for their contributions. Does anyone have examples of early Swiss 7,5mm dummy cartridges or types that are different to those in my picture?

I’ve found it axiomatic that looking for things you don’t know exist is a bit tricky. Once you know what you’re looking for it all becomes a lot easier.

Happy collecting, Peter

Pict of red painted, fibre board, chargers with a wood nose strip to prevent longer rounds being used. They also have a “window” in the left side through which the necks and bullets can be seen


The dummy round on the left in your pict is a experimental round
the Swiss call it ( oberfl

pict of “GW MANIP TREIBPATRONE” and special magazine (StgW57)for the grenade cartridge

special magazine for K31 left and StgW 57 right

The grenade rounds were not packed in the chargers like the ball rounds and must load by hand in the special magazine.
different packings of grenade rounds

the magazine loading by hand